December 2 – 4th 2022 | WEST EDMONTON MALL

Game Lengths

Game Length: 60 mins
Playoffs Periods: 15/15/15 RunTime
Warm Ups: 2 mins

Penalties: 2 MIN minors, 5 MIN majors.

Stop time for the last 2 mins of a game, unless it’s a 4+ goal differential

5 mins left in the ICE slot, game clock drops to 2 mins

POINT SCORING: WIN +3 Points, TIE +2 Points, LOSS +1 Points

Canadian Anthem at WEM Games, Helmets Off, Line up on Blue Line

GAME SHEETS: Managers please provide game-sheet stickers 60 mins before puck drop.


Please respect the following rules throughout the tournament.


Except where otherwise stated, all Hockey Canada and Hockey Edmonton rules apply. All players must comply with Hockey Alberta criteria for the age/date of birth relevant to the division.

Disciplinary matters will be referred to the Disciplinary Committee (Michelle Rai, Harman Brar & Natasha Soper) who will rule on the matter as soon as possible. The decision of the Disciplinary Committee will be final.

Abuse directed toward the game or Tournament officials will not be tolerated. Abusive individuals will be asked to leave the arena and may be suspended from the tournament.

Any match or fighting penalty will result in players or coaches immediate suspension from the tournament.

Suspensions – All suspension will be issued at the discretion of the Tournament Organizers for tournament games (based on the recommendation of the referees).

All write ups to be done on the back of the game-sheet.


You must have your team roster with the team for all games. Participating players will be those listed on each of the official team rosters provided by coaches prior to the tournament. For clarity, teams must submit their official team roster before the 1st game. All Hockey Edmonton affiliation rules apply. You may not dress more players than listed on your official Hockey Canada team roster.


Teams must provide 2 score keepers per game to run the clock, fill out the game sheet and run the penalty box. Both teams playing should provide a volunteer to assist with this.


We ask that both teams simply agree at the game on what colour to wear. If there is a disagreement then Home wears Light.


Please refer to the game lengths tab on the site for period lengths. Pucks will be supplied for warm-ups. Please remind family members to be careful in the viewing areas and have their eyes on the puck at all times while watching at West Edmonton Mall. We do not recommend standing anywhere behind the nets at any point during the warm-ups or game.

Any team unable to start the game five minutes after the scheduled start time shall forfeit the game.

All goals shall be recorded on the game sheet and shall count towards a team’s total (for and against) should the need to break a tie in the standings occur. There shall be a goal differential of no greater than 5 shown on the scoreboard.

When 5 minutes of scheduled ice time remains, and more than 2 minutes of game time remains, the clock will be reset to 2 minutes. Games cannot run past their allotted times.

• No time-outs in Round Robin play.

MERCY RULE (For Stop Time Games)

All games will be played with the “Mercy Rule” in effect at any point in the game.

When a (5) goal difference occurs at any time in the game, the clock will switch from stop time to running time.

If the game returns to a (4) goal deficit – the game will revert to stop time.

Penalties would stay as is. Clock will be stopped and 2 and 5 min penalties will start at the drop of the puck.


All games tied at the end of regulation play during the round robin will remain tied with each team getting TWO points.


Following each game, after the handshake, Tournament representative will present one “Player of the Game” gift to a player of their choice after the game, OFF of the ice.

No player should be awarded more than 1 “player of the game” (POTG) during the tournament. Coaches to check with Tourney Rep to make sure this is followed.


Teams play a four-game round robin. Sunday format is to be determined, The goal is for competitive balance so the Top Teams will play each other and there are no blowouts.

Points will be awarded in the round robin:

• Win – 3 points

• Tie – 2 points

• Loss – 1 point

If two teams are tied with points at the end of round robin play, the tie is broken based on the following in order:

1. the head to head record of the two teams against each other.

2. goal differential for all the round robin games

3. most goals for

4. fewest goals against

5. fewest penalty minutes

6. a coin toss

If three or more teams are tied with points at the end of round robin play, the tie is broken based on the following in order:

1. goal differential for all the round robin games

2. most goals for

3. fewest goals against

4. fewest penalty minutes

5. names in a hat


The following overtime format applies for each of the playoff games (Gold Medal, Bronze Medal and Consolation):

• In the playoff games, teams tied at the end of regulation time will engage in sudden death/victory overtime.

• To commence overtime, each team will place 3 players (includes the goaltender) on the ice (2 v 2 skaters).

• The teams will not change ends for any overtime period (i.e. attack and defend same ends as third period throughout overtime). Teams may remove goaltenders and change on the fly or stoppages

• Overtime shall be stop time. The time clock will be set for one (1) minute. Overtime will be played in one (1) minute periods for the first and second overtime. The timekeeper will stop the clock and sound the horn after each one-minute period. At the start of the third overtime period, the game clock shall be set to 5 minutes.

• If a game remains tied after any one (1) minute overtime period, each team must remove a player from the ice (i.e. second overtime = 2 v 2, third and beyond = 1 v 1).

• In the first overtime period, play will commence at centre ice. In subsequent overtime periods, play will resume at the nearest face-off spot in the vicinity of where the play ended in the previous overtime period.

• Penalties incurred in regulation time and not completely served in regulation time, shall carry over into overtime.

• Penalties incurred during the overtime will be administered in the usual fashion up to and including the second overtime period (3 v 3, subject to any penalty carry-overs). Beginning with the third overtime (2 v 2) any new penalty being assessed will result in a penalty shot. Any penalties not already unexpired at the end of the second overtime will result in an immediate penalty shot(s), however the offending players must continue to serve such penalties. No team can be reduced by penalties to 1 player (i.e. minimum of 2 – one of which can be a goaltender).


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